ZMAX Liposomal Vitamin C-180 Capsules
ZMAX Liposomal Vitamin C-180 Capsules

ZMAX Liposomal Vitamin C-180 Capsules

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I found this Liposomal Vitamin C to take myself after numerous guys were doing IV infusions at $300 vs $10 a week and found you obtained the same absorption with three pills of this stuff per day. Don't buy the cheap Dr Mercola stuff as it is nothing like this brand.

Cancer-Killing Effect Achieved with Oral-Dose Vitamin C

In 2002-2013, a study was done by British researchers showing that cancer-killing effect can be achieved using liposomal vitamin C. Earlier on, the National Institute of Health Researchers claimed that it is not possible to do that since the maximum dose of vitamin C that we can orally take is not enough to produce this effect. Now, the researchers from Britain showed that they can achieve twice the level of vitamin C that were once thought to be maximal, and at this level of vitamin C in the blood concentration kills cancer cells but are not harmful to healthy cells.

Studies made showed that with twice the level of vitamin C that was mistaken to be the maximum, a decrease in various forms of cancer tumors from 30 to 50%.

More power

The story of NewZealand dairy farmer Alan Smith, who recovered rapidly from double pneumonia and leukemia. Many online accounts make it seem as though only IV C led to his recovery. 

Yes, six grams of liposomal C did the work of 50 to 100 grams of IV C. He walked out of the hospital in days on his own power. 

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